"Mind is blown. These visuals are beyond what humans were meant to see."

"Kinda like rewinding time to the big bang" 

Friktal - Realting fractal audio visualizer for desktop and vr

Hear and SEE your music

Got a gaming rig? Want to see your GPU do things that seem impossible? Want to hear, feel, and SEE your music? Time to get freaky with Friktal!

Upgrade Your MIND

One thing is certain with Friktal. You WILL see things that blow your mind! You will get goosebumps as your music drives fractal math to create worlds too stunning to believe.

Friktal - Interactive Fractal Audio Visualizer - desktop and vr 4k

You Want it!?

Want at it? Of course you do! Join our Discord server and download preview / beta builds today!

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